Useful calculators to assist you in working out mortgage repayment options, income tax obligations and savings goals.

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IRD Tax on Annual Income Calculator - To work out income tax on taxable income.

Employee Cost Calculator - If you are thinking of hiring staff but are unsure of the overall cost, this calculator shows the upfront costs and includes ACC, KiwiSaver and FBT costs.

Sorted's Mortgage Calculator - To work out how much your mortgage repayments will need to be, dependent on interest rate, mortgage period and frequency of repayments as well as working out different options to best suit your needs.

Sorted's Savings Calculator - This calculator shows you how savings can grow over time and the effect of compound interest on your savings.

Sorted's Goal Planner - A separate plan for tackling debt, or saving for a special event like a holiday, a wedding, or even saving for Christmas, is a great way to achieve the things you want while staying in charge of your money.

Reserve Bank Inflation Calculator - The inflation calculator uses price data to calculate the change in purchasing power of an amount of money between two dates, to show the effect of inflation or deflation over the period.




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