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There are a number of key elements that define Grange Associates Ltd.  These should form the basis of your expectations of us.

General Practitioner

Grange Associates Ltd is an experienced and knowledgable general practitioner who provides all the services that you would expect from a chartered accountant.  We are not “specialists”, a term that in our opinion is used far too readily, but we do maintain a network of advisors that we regularly call upon to assist with the more technical matters. Through our detailed knowledge of your affairs, we are ideally placed to facilitate such necessary technical input in a cost effective manner.

Chartered Accountants

We are proud members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and adhere to all standards and requirements that membership entails. Through the Institute’s practice review process our clients are assured of the quality of our outputs.  Inland Revenue also recognises the quality differential between chartered accountants and other accountants, with the majority of issues arising from agencies of the second camp.  Another point of difference is that chartered accountants are required to carry full indemnity cover.


It is the relationship between business owner and chartered accountant that is paramount. We are a stable team that you will have the opportunity to get to know and build genuine working relationships with. You needn’t worry about repeating the same explanation to yet another face, or us reinventing the "same wheel" over and over.

 Grange Associates meeting room


As our relationship grows we will earn your trust.  You can trust Grange Associates Ltd to take care of your affairs and to always represent your best interests.


We know that you don’t know what you don’t know.  Grange Associates Ltd understands that our job is to guide you through the accounting, compliance and taxation issues that face businesses in this increasingly complicated environment. 
We use our collective knowledge and experience to emphasise the issues that represent risks or opportunities to you.

Grange Associates Ltd


We are constantly considering the effect of legislative changes and new initiatives from Inland Revenue, Companies Office and other agencies, along with all the other changes occurring in the business environment.  Often it's when you're not hearing from us that we are doing our best work for you.  Sure we could tell you about everything that could affect you, but aren't you busy enough as it is?


We strive to deliver quality. Grange Associates Ltd's advice, work papers, accounts and returns are all of a very high standard.  
We are not interested in short cuts or slap-dash solutions. Consequently, we deal with any matter only once and know that at any future time, if that issue needs to be revisited, our files will hold the answers.  You may be surprised how important and efficient this is when later dealing with Inland Revenue, litigation, negotiations, disputes and other such queries.


Grange Associates Ltd is truly solution focused. Because we know your people, your business, your constraints, your objectives and what is important to you, we can tailor our output (set of accounts, tax return, projections, system, research, etc) to actually solve your needs.

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We are proud members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. We adhere to their ethics, standards and practices.


We make an annual donation to Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust in the name of our clients and are recognised as a corporate supporter.