Our Fees

At Grange Associates Ltd we believe that it is important that you understand how we charge for our services.


Our Time and Cost system provides full detail of all time spent on your affairs.  Our philosophy is that since this information is available, why not just provide it to you.  Hence, we have designed invoices and reports that are completely transparent and list all time and cost in detail.


We benchmark our hourly rates against an annual New Zealand-wide public practice KPI survey to ensure that they are consistent with those of comparable chartered accounting firms.  Although these rates are usually higher than non-chartered firms', we believe chartered accountants’ outputs are clearly superior.   

Time and Cost

Time and Cost accumulates a record of our efforts using real-time electronic timesheets.  Consistent with other Chartered Accountants, our fees are based on 6 minute intervals. We do not separately charge general disbursements (ie photocopying, postage, stationery) but do recharge at cost BankLink fees, external advice, Companies Office fees and couriers.

Hourly Rates

Our current rates are:

Jack $340 + GST
Gael $270 + GST
Abbey $200 + GST

We last increased our rates on 1 January 2022.  Our rates are consistent with comparable chartered accounting firms, as identified in relevant benchmarking surveys.

Invoices and Reports

As we mentioned above, we are committed to transparency in our billing.  To illustrate this we have provided examples of our invoices and T&C reports.  We can produce T&C reports detailing all the time spent on a client’s affairs. This is a brilliant tool for helping our clients determine where efficiencies can be made and allows for a realistic expectation for the coming year’s fees.   

Sample Invoice
Sample T&C Report

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We are proud members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. We adhere to their ethics, standards and practices.


We make an annual donation to Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust in the name of our clients and are recognised as a corporate supporter.